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Welcome In My Love

Everything is on purpose, and you have been guided here at the perfect time.

You will find a variety of support here from individual psychic somatic sessions, a mentorship to open & expand your intuitive powers, the closest holding and support for the woman READY to change their existence through the VIP Program, and local and international retreats. All services here have been channeled and designed with you in mind to help you feel the ease & freedom available to you.


It is all ready.


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Meet Me!

I am a Guide & Facilitator with a background in somatic trauma therapy, energetic healing & international 

humanitarian work. I have dedicated my life to help you remember your innate power and Divine connection. Clarity and healing are ready for you, and this is finally your era. Our time together creates healing and shifts for decades & lifetimes to come. Amen.


Client Love

My intuitive session with Kate was my first. She made me feel so safe to release what I’d been holding on to & to see vivid visions of what she was describing. It was like she was in my soul in the best way possible!

After my session, I felt so much lighter & clear on the direction I was to head toward. The prompts she gave allowed me to continue to explore and uncover hidden pieces that I was unable to without her. 


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