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Your healing is what you've been looking for, and right now is your moment to harness its power.
You have finally found your spiritual community, mentorship and home. You will be seen, loved and challenged.

If you are reading this, you know your next level is here.VIP is the most initiative, transformative holding that I offer. You are ready to ~

✶   invest in mentorship that catapults you from where you are to where you want to be

✶   feel greater freedom in your mind, body and soul every single day through the power of psychic somatic coaching 

✶   blast open your intuitive powers and learn to really trust life

✶   feel and release old, static energy and patterns that are killing you softly (or not so softly)

✶   play with the best who believe in your innate healing


Great news. You're in the right place.

My Love

Shadows on the Wall

Hi, I'm Kate


I'm an intuitive coach whose life mission is to rebuild the bridge between you and the Divine. I've spent the last decade immersed in energy healing, trauma awareness, and sharing life-changing channeled wisdom with you.


Working 1:1 together is the most powerful investment you can make for yourself. It is your Divine birthright to be free, clear and connected to your unlimited power source. You are walking the direction of truth, where everything changes.

It is my gift to serve you and love you.



“The work done through this mentorship has combined 10 plus years of therapy work I have done. When I finally found coaching that combined the innate healing of my body with the magic of the psychic energetic realm, my whole world changed."
White Sheet



✶  11 Total Individual Psychic Somatic Sessions with Kate, unreal value!

✶  Access to Wild Awakening group program~ a mentorship to open your unique intuition

✶  Immersion ~ 2 days of in-depth reprocessing, rebirth, and radical healing. lux housing and meals included

✶  Hotline Coaching ~ Coaching access to Kate Tuesday - Friday for integration and check-ins

YOU feel your CALLING

This is your time to move.


 $2,500 MONTHLY

OR 1 PAYMENT OF $13,500

What You'll Walk Away Feeling

You are craving the messy, raw presence of a mentor who sees and believes in your healing before you even do. This "yes" turns into a whole lot of other becomings for you.



You want to actually live your life big. Life will begin to bless you again & you will feel all the goodness it has in store for you. You are ready to be and feel it ALL. There is so much to love again about yourself and your existence. We will discover it all together.


intuitive af

You don't need to outsource anymore. Your innate wisdom is ready to open its rushing waters. Confidence, deep trust of yourself and clarity are all here again. Your wisdom is as deep as a well and as unique as the stars in the sky. You are breathtaking.


set free

What weighs you down in body, mind and spirit are here to be set free. The pulse of healing is always moving in an upward direction, and you will become one with its frequency. You deserve your freedom and lightness. So it is, Amen.

Let's do this, bitches

The is a whole new world waiting for you.

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