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Welcome into a glimpse of my world. First and foremost, I want to confirm that you are in the right place at the right time right now. 


May my life journey thus far inspire you towards your own greatness and bravery. ​


I grew up on the coast of Maine and was born into a preacher’s family. My faith and connection to the unseen realm began day one. It was of highest importance that we serve the community and humanity around us in any way- inviting them into our family at Christmas time, holding their hand while their spirit passed over, and simply loving all people. This led me to pursue my degree in mission work in the big city at 18 years old. Traveling around the country and world assisting communities in need has been one of my greatest treasures and I deeply revere the foundation given to me, but something was off. The Savior complex no longer resonated. I knew humanity, in their truest essence, was good, and I did not want to save anyone anymore. I wanted to save myself first.


So I left the evangelical church and went on an adventure of finding my own faith and truth. And that journey has led me here, with you! The road has had its ups and downs, confusions and breakthroughs, but it is all worth it to be where I am today. I am deeply grateful.


Today, I enjoy life to its core. Craft coffee, Maine trails & ocean with my pup Tabbris create so much healing, expansion and joy. It is my mission to live life to the fullest and leave behind/rewire all outdated views that perpetuate feeling limited and stuck. It is my privilege to help you find the keys to the Universe as we learn from each other. Your trust in me and presence in my world is one of my favorite gifts, so thank you for being here.


I am excited for the gift of knowing you. Book your coaching session together and let’s begin this journey toward your healing and new reality. Amen.


All my love,


Kate Moore

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