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You Were Made For This

You sense the power that lies within you and are being called to harness it. You have lived for too long feeling that there is MORE for your soul. You’re ready to serve and live a BIGGER life but feel stunted in which direction to go. Now is your time for mentorship and that is where I come in. I have walked this path myself and know the clarity, benefit and Divine Connection waiting for you on the other side. 

Life begins in a brand new way here. You will learn to connect to the Source of life itself, and there is truly nothing better. I see you, I am you, and you are the next generation of psychic empowerment. When you understand your Power within, the world will heal. You ready?

xoxo, Kate

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You are not lost.
You are a Divine Powerhouse.

What you desire is here. Connecting to Source energy that breathed you and all things into life. This is where all knowing and mysteries are found. Where confidence lives and breathes you. Where sisterhood is the name of the game and you’re more sure of your path than ever before.

I’m here to lead you. And you have everything you need for this journey. Allow me to believe in your magick before you fully do. Trainings like this benefit your everyday existence and will stretch to your past, present, and future lineages who are calling you to stand in your power. It is that powerful, Amen.

 WHAT YOU'LL have for life 



You will learn to tune into the unseen realm of wisdom that is available to you. You will forever trust your inner voice and receive answers to the questions you possess.

Best gift ever.



You meet your unique genius here. Your intuition is your superpower for life, and it is time to reap the benefits of what you were born with.

Come out of the psychic closet and own your power.



Deepen your understanding of your place in this lifetime. You will embrace a sense of belonging alongside the other divine humans you meet in this coven, and we will celebrate your wild becoming.

Mediatrix of All Graces, Altar Print,Vintage Inspired Mother Mary, Catholic Art, Religious

Need it monthly? Great, here is your way in.
5 total payments.


Crazy pay in full discount rate to access this level of support & growth!


for five months of mentorship


Let's get wild together


I'm Kate

Psychic Muse & Intuitive Coach

I help you seek your deepest inner truths and find the connection to the Divine that you've been craving all along. Get ready to drop in, become rooted in your wild freedom, and become the most sacred version of yourself through this becoming.

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