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In my last session with Kate, I had been experiencing some intense headaches and brain fog. Kate coached me through breath and body movement to release this energy. It was exactly what I needed to release this tension; it was everything I didn’t know I needed. Each session packs in a myriad of healing techniques: channeled intuitive messages, energy healing, breathwork, practical guidance and much more. Each time I work with her, I reenter the world with strength, lightness and clarity. Thank you.

I have known Kate for a couple of years now but only started personal sessions six months ago. All I can say is WOW! She has been on point with guidance in so many aspects of my life and predicted some big life changes (some of which I may not have been ready to hear but were so important for my personal growth). She has really helped solidify my spiritual journey and has me feeling more connected than ever to my truth. Can't thank her enough!
I have gone to a number of therapists, chiropractors and healers to help my past traumas and physical pain. Since working with Kate, I have healed SO much. I had been walking around with a stabbing pain in my back and heart space for months that chiropractors could not align and yoga could not ease. I woke up the next day after my last session with Kate and the pain is gone after receiving energy healing. Kate is direct, sincere and
powerful, and working with her has been an amazing experience.


In session with Kate, I was looking for guidance on how and when to leave hospital work and start my own OBGYN practice. Through her encouragement and practical input, I took the jump and have not looked back. I needed someone to give me the permission to believe and bet on myself. Kate will always be a coach of mine.

Kate made a safe space for me to truly be vulnerable. I spent one hour of my day with her and found levity that carried me for weeks to follow. I honestly can’t fully explain it. I went into my session a bit nervous, not knowing what to expect and came out feeling so supported. I had direction, a clearer path.

During the guided meditations and energy work, I could feel my body physically clearing stuck energy, and came out of the session feeling like a huge weight had been lifted. I felt safe enough to release what I had been holding onto. I would highly recommend Kate and am looking forward to continuing our work together!

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