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Intuitive Training Program October-February 2023

(Second round is coming soon!)

The details of this intuitive training program are here! This is a mentorship program in Energetic Healing, Spirituality and Intuitive Skills! All participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of our time together, and I am stoked on it! An amazing group is already formed, and a second round will be reopening- keep your eyes out for this opportunity! This program began at the beginning of October and goes through February 2023. Topics discussed in this training include energetic healing, card reading, intuitive/psychic skills, working with clients, past life traveling and MORE!

A dedicated time of mystical training with hands on practice, an overnight retreat away, initiation ceremonies, and group and individual coaching will prepare this next generation of healers with the confidence needed to impact the world. Pay in full discounts and monthly payment options provided. You are ready!


Hi, I'm Kate.


I'm a spiritual intuitive whose life mission is to help build the bridge between you and the Divine. I've spent the last decade immersing myself in energy healing, trauma awareness, and sharing life-changing intuitive wisdom.


Working with women 1:1 and in group formats to help connect you with your highest selves and intuitive gifts is part of why I am here on earth- to serve you. I help remind you of WHO you are. I created this program for you- the spiritual woman ready to take their power and service to the next level. Get ready, it's good.


My first session with Kate was beyond powerful and helpful. She was able to help me truly face trauma that not even a therapist has been able to do. It brought me to tears, and I learned so much about myself. Each session feels like spiritual therapy and includes powerful healing techniques such as channeled messages, deep energy work, meditation and awakening your deepest self. You leave your session awakened and deeply changed!


So talented and a true healer! 

Program Client

Your Path is Calling

If you feel something nudging you to go deeper and sense that it is your aligned time for training in spirituality and energetic healing, trust that as your signal! If your curiosity is piqued and you want to know more about how this training can help you tap into your spiritual gifts and serve deeply, I am ready to serve you. 

Let's awaken your skill and do the damn thing! Second round will be opening- contact me below if you are interested to claim your spot.


I'd love to help you find your next level. 

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